Linking research with practice

Introducing a Learning Management System at a Russian University: Students’ and Teachers’ Perceptions

Moreover, for a number of students perceived ease of use of LMS does not imply its usefulness as a learning tool.

From the Center for Educational Innovation

Although it does not mention human resources, you will hear the findings in board rooms as senior managers argue to change out their technology. This is a good example where politics of curriculum adopts technology as an argument for change rather than educational theory. Does your corporation require this level of academic rigour?

…. GPA and demographic data, student activities and engagement data, and learner artifacts such as essays and media products. These kinds of  data will be integrated into data analytics (Brown, Dehoney, & Millichap, 2015). In addition to this, automated learning analytics features are another feature of the next generation of LMSs. Those features will include (a) adaptive learning functions where learning occurs depending on students’  strengths and weaknesses, (b) real-time feedback on their learning progress using personalized dashboards, and (c) early alerts functions about course recommendations (Dahlstrom, Brooks, & Bichsel, 2014)