Operational Training Services

is a Canadian based company providing global solutions. We specialize in the design and development of operational training systems. Our belief is the people who do the work should own the work. We show you how to use tools that drive business objectives from an operational training perspective. This core belief influences not only how people work but also how they work together. The current HR training paradigm reduces operational productivity by 1. Pulling operational employees out of service to make a course 2. Pulling operational employees out of service to deliver a course 3. Pulling operational employees out of service to attend a course. Our goal is to keep operations in service not out of service.

  • Learn how to develop and use Operational Training tools that guarantee operational employees will spend 30% more of their time in service not out of service. An employee is a wealth of knowledge. Concentrating wealth into binders and online courses is the least productive use of a valuable resource money can buy.
  • Train operation employees to use the same Operational Training tools to respond to any internal/external audit or review. 
  • Leverage your team’s experience as a backstop against a bad decision. Standardize your Operational Training tools to develop a common language across the team. When things develop quickly, the tactical people get the message from the leaders.
  • Business goals and what you do is influenced directly by the actions of others outside the operational environment. That means they don’t know what you do, but they do have influence on how it’s done. Localizing the scope of work to groups outside of operations limits solutions and adds risk. Drive networks and disparate departments to create a stream lined Operational Training system that can pivot at a moments notice and ramp up quickly.