Nothing stays the same in education

It’s comforting to know that your discipline is older than any other department in your corporation. Discomforting to know how far the corporate needs to travel to close the gap. Thankfully, you have thousands of years of diversity and inclusion research to draw upon.

Climate control not command and control

Unfortunately, the worst attributes of the education disciple are called best practices. It comes as no surprise that under such conditions, a command and control structure is required. If only they knew, that people can sustain the system with little or no input from the corporation.

EdCamp for educators

What is EdCamp?A group of like minded people who work in the field of education. No, you don’t need a degree and no you don’t need to work at a school or a learning institution. If you are in business and you work in learning and development you are an educator. Period. You can participate […]

History of Competency Based Training

The attached file is background info that educators such as myself who specialize in vocational education or what the corporate calls learning, development, skills based learning, performance based learning, technical training ………. the list goes on and on, covered at the faculty of industrial education during year one of our undergrad degree program. On-boarding material […]