OT is about education solutions solving business problems not business solutions solving education problems. We do not believe in the many myths labelled best practices like adult learning. There is no such thing as a unified learning theory. We don’t believe processes like Blooms taxonomy designed by university professors for classifying written exam questions should be used to inform a universal business model. The consequences are too high. There is no getting around the fact that business is not an open book and the level of analysis is not on par with what occurs at a learning institution. For this reason a progressive approach requires a new narrative. One that links corporate with the discipline known as education. Moving from best practices to the practice of education. Who knows, perhaps we can even reduce the number of workers killed every month around the world. Education has a solution for that.

What do we know from experience?

How you think about education has more of an impact on what you do than what you think.

– The greatest challenge for the educator

What do we believe?

You are an educator. If you don’t have a degree in education, you are an educator. Think like one.

– Fut McGorphy
What is drilled into us at the faculty of education applies to everyone working without education degrees in corporate.

Our mission is to move business from best practices into the practice of education