What is your job?

If you work in corporate under any of the numerous learning titles, you are an educator. Your world is not third party half baked learning theories disavowed by the people that wrote the books. Case in point, Malcolm Knowles and his defunct adult learning theory. So who do you believe? Who do you listen to? What does the new me look like? This 7 minute video represents 2 people who are not educators but have the responsibility of education. This is the deep conversation and yes, the politics of curriculum. The look and sound of education. The type of conversation topical to a learning institution faculty staff room. Is this happening across your team? Behind closed doors? Is it reserved for only certain people? This video underscores the principle that how you think about education is more important than what you do. You are an educator. So go to your home. The faculty of education library at any university and start reading what your colleagues are reading. If you can’t get into the library go to the faculty of education section at the university book store. It’s free. Look at what they read. Buy something that speaks to you. Speak to educators find a teacher web site or video blog and just listen to the mind set. How do they think? How do they approach a topic? Where does the educator place themselves in relation to the learner in the conversation? Be and educator. Think like an educator. Discover your roots.

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